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The Beach House (complete and free to read)


Marco has a crush on Darrin, Darrin is in love with Sam, and Sam, well...when the three young men find themselves at an abandoned house near the beach, secrets are revealed, desires satisfied, and new dynamics put in motion...

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The Story of E (complete and free to read)

three kings

When Eric agrees to do a favor for his friend, Beatrice, and pose for some erotic photos, he has no idea that his partner will be the man he has been crushing on for months. Or that this man has some slightly unusual predilections in the bedroom ... will he follow his heart and give himself body and soul to the dominating Justin? Will Justin learn that sometimes, it's fun to put the whip down and give over some control? Follow these two young men on a journey of self -discovery, hot sex and romance.

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Traveller(complete and free to read)

a revelatory masquerade

Daniel is deeply in love with his boyfriend, Bruce. As they watch the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Trafalgar Square, he notices Ethan, a fetching young backpacker, shivering in the cold. Daniel and Bruce offer Ethan a place to spend the night and get much more than they bargained for...

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