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General Info

I have been writing for over 25 years and have written numerous short stories, poems and even a full length feature film screenplay. I have a B.A. in Psychology and a Certificate in Dramatic Scriptwriting and live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with my husband and two children.

Writing Erotic Fiction

My pieces have always been erotically charged. When writing ‘serious’ fiction I had to steer away from the graphic sex scenes that I really enjoy writing. Getting into the erotic fiction market allows me to give myself free reign to create and describe numerous erotic scenarios intended to arouse my readers.

I have a fascination for social dynamics and relationships, sexuality, and emotional power and vulnerability. I love to explore the give and take of power in sexual relationships, believing that each of us has the potential to dominate or submit depending on our partner(s), mood and inclination.

Creating Characters

I love creating characters whose sexuality is not easily contained nor compartmentalized. My characters are intelligent, often sophisticated and, above all, libidinous. Most are searching for one thing: that calm port in the storm to which they can tether themselves for life.

Writing in the First Person

All of my pieces are written from one character’s point of view and I can't see that changing anytime soon. This allows me to fully inhabit the central character and experience the emotions and physical responses that occur on a very personal level. I want to be in the story, not watching it from the outside. I hope my readers have that same desire.

Writing M/M Erotica

Although I honed my skills writing straight erotic fiction, getting into the gay erotic fiction market is tremendously exciting. To me, there is nothing as intriguing as imagining two (or more) attractive men connecting both physically and emotionally.

Writing Multiple Person Scenarios

Writing an erotic scene between more than two characters is challenging. It is probably similar to choreographing a sensual dance. The possibilities of what can occur physically between 3 – 5 people in a scene are virtually endless and it is exciting to explore the social dynamics and power plays within that framework.

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